Breakup is a new beginning

Love is one of the most important things in life. It makes us happy, elated, and fulfilled. In order to choose a boyfriend or a girlfriend with whom we will be happy, we meet different people with whom we make emotional connections. However, if we are not satisfied and do not see ourselves with that person in the future, we end the relationship. Alternatively, our partner leaves us, which can be hard for us if we are madly in love. 

With a breakup, we deal as with any other loss, we have to go through stages of rejection, grief, and acceptance. Any breakup, at least while we still have some feelings towards our boyfriend or girlfriend, is difficult. 

Girls, compared to boys, are more affected by breakups or the inability to achieve a romantic relationship. Girls are more likely to feel loneliness, depression, and reduced life satisfaction, which is associated with the fact that girl establish deeper and more intense relationships, and by breaking this relationship they lose intimacy and support as factors that significantly contribute to life satisfaction. In contrast, boys on average do not enter into such deep and intense relationships, so the consequences of losing or not making a connection are not as negative as for girls. 

Breakup in adolescence will cause different consequences depending on what the young person attributes the breakup to. If we blame ourselves for a breakup, then the consequences of the breakup will be significantly more unfavourable because they endanger the self-esteem and self-confidence of a young person and can lead to the development of symptoms of depression.

It is important to remember that unrequited infatuation can be a very painful life experience, with possible consequences such as low self-esteem or even the development of symptoms of depression. Having that in mind, be careful in love relationships and be aware of the feelings of the person you are in a relationship with. If a breakup happened and you could not do anything about it, take your time and grieve for as long as you need, so that later you would be ready for new relationships and new beginnings.