Financial aid

Bojan Krsnik

Bojan Krsnik

social work graduate

I am 16 and a half years old and I am one month pregnant. I am wondering if I can get any financial aid for myself and the child, the father of my child is an adult and is currently working on getting a job, but any help would be welcome.

As long as you are a minor, your parents or guardians must take care of you. Parental care ends when the child acquires legal capacity (adulthood, birth of a child or marriage before coming of age). Parents must also financially support their minor children. The Family Act states that a parent who has not financially supported his / her child who does not live with him / her in a family unit and was obliged to provide such financial support is obliged to pay the child a compensation for denied financial support. Parents are also obliged to support an adult child who attends school regularly and fulfils all obligations, even one year after the end of education if the child cannot find employment. 

It is not clear from your question whether you still live with your parents or with your boyfriend, but as long as you are a minor and without legal capacity, your parents take care of you and they ask the Social Welfare Centre for some form of a financial aid if there is a need. You will be able to take the same actions when you become an adult or gain legal capacity. Until then, we advise that your boyfriend seek help (for example one-time financial assistance) or that you contact the Social Welfare Centre if you feel that your parents are inadequately caring for you, especially if you need to find suitable accommodation.