Mistakes we often make in romantic relationships

Being a teenager is not easy, especially when it comes to love, relationships, and sex. We present you the wrong moves that almost all of us made at least once. The only question is whether we have learned anything from those mistakes. Here are some of the most common:

  1. Attempting to change the other person

This is a very common mistake. You notice something you do not like about your boyfriend / girlfriend and then you try to change that. Keep in mind that this is not good for the other person. If we love another person, we must love that person for who he / she is, not for what we would like that person to be. If you are trying to change someone who is not ready for that change, you can only achieve the opposite effect – additional quarrels, resentments, frustrations, and distancing. Instead, accept the person for who he / she is.

  1. Excessive burdening

Young people often rush things, want to build a relationship in too little time and thus burden their relationships and suffocate the other person because they think everyone is the right one. Building a quality relationship with someone takes time, a lot of time. Rushing never brings anything good.

  1. Neglecting your needs and friends

Many girls simply ignore their needs and friends after getting into a relationship. They stop hanging out, going out, participating in favourite activities, and over time – they move away from themselves. Boys do it less often. It is important that you do not forget and do not lose yourself in a relationship with another person.

  1. Too much fear

Your past relationship hurt you, so you think it will be like that every time. It will not and it does not have to be. Sometimes you have to take risks. Fear can only hold us back from something potentially good. 

  1. Not standing for yourself

This is one of the mistakes we often repeat. No one will stand up for you if you do not. You can be in love head over heels, but you cannot acquiesce to certain things. Disrespect is definitely one of them.

  1. Convincing others that kissing someone else is not cheating

No matter who does it, cheating is cheating, and it can very well disrupt a relationship between two people. Recall the previous points and stand up for yourself in a situation like this.