My ex-husband no longer allows the child to live with me

Maja Sammsa

Maja Sammsa


Good afternoon!

My husband and I are divorcing, there was a court hearing and he agreed that the child lives with me, now he threatens me that he no longer wants the child to live with me and he was aggressive, and the court will make its decision at the beginning of July, what should I do? I note that I am unemployed, and he is employed, can he take my child? Thank you in advance.

In the event of a divorce, if the spouses have a minor child together, they are obliged to initiate the procedure of mandatory counselling at the competent social welfare centre. During the mentioned procedure, the parents conclude a plan on joint parental care in which they agree with which parent the child will live with, meetings and socializing with the other parent, and alimony amount. If the parents do not reach an agreement on the aforementioned issues, the court decides on the same at the proposal of the competent centre. The centre bases its proposal on tests performed, not on the basis of which parent is employed. At any time, either parent can appeal the court decision and ask for its change, and the procedure remains the same.