Myths and facts about condoms

A condom is the most commonly used contraceptive. In addition to protection against unwanted pregnancy, it also plays a major role in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Research shows that young people who have are sexually active do not use condoms in most cases, and one in four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease. Although easily accessible and generally common in use, some common myths still apply to condoms:

  • It is good to keep condoms in your wallet

The fact is that they are always with you in case you need them but keeping one packet of condom in your wallet for a long time can thin the material from which the condom is made and small holes can be created in it, so a condom no longer serves its purpose. 

  • Using two condoms at once doubles the protection

Using two condoms at once actually reduces protection because more friction is created and there is a greater chance that a condom will break. Using one condom in the right way should be quite enough. 

Condoms prevent any pleasure during a sexual act

This is one of the most common misconceptions. Condoms today are made of such materials that the pleasure is complete, and the condom is practically imperceptible, if the right size is used. Condoms can even improve your sex life because they reduce the fear of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. 

  • You can only buy condoms if you are old enough

Incorrect. Condoms are not alcohol or tobacco and there is no age limit for their purchase. However, it often happens that young people are embarrassed to buy them. In that case, it is best to ask older friends for help or be courageous and take that step.

  • Condoms do not fit to many people because they are made in one size only

In fact, they are produced in multiple sizes. More importantly, each condom can be stretched up to 60 cm in length and up to 30 cm in width. Therefore, it suits every man without any problems.

  • Boys are responsible for having a condom

Your own health is always your responsibility, not your partner’s responsibility. Girls should not be ashamed to buy condoms because preserving health is important.