Regular visits to a gynaecologist

Regular visits to a gynaecologist are important for every woman.

This is all the more important for adolescents because at the beginning of sexual activity, the exposure to the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies is high, especially if they lack information on these topics.

Ideally, young people should see a gynaecologist before sexual activity to discuss contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, the menstrual cycle etc. However, since there are no ideal situations in life, it is recommended to visit a gynaecologist at least or no later than one year since starting sexual relations.

Adolescents often have a fear of the first gynaecological examination, but this is not necessarily an examination as such, but counselling on various topics, and through several visits to the clinic, the fear of a gynaecological examination disappears. The first examination, in addition to counselling, also includes an examination with gynaecological specula and taking a PAP smear. It is a swab that, in addition to signs of inflammation, also shows the possible presence of various bacteria and viruses, including HPV. This smear or test is done at least once a year. However, experience shows that people report to the doctor primarily when they have a health problem (temperature, pain, etc.) while regular, preventive examinations are often “skipped”. Regular visits to a doctor to prevent diseases are extremely important (for example, a check-up once a year, despite not experiencing any health problems at that time).