Accommodation for underage pregnant women

Vesna Šugar

Vesna Šugar


Regards, I am 15 years old and I am 9 weeks pregnant with a boyfriend who is 18 years old. I am not going to school at the moment, because they gave me a ban due to pregnancy. Prior to that, I regularly attended the 8th grade. There are constant quarrels at home, my mother does not support me in pregnancy at all. I can never talk to her because she does not want to listen to me, or she does not care what I say. 

I talked to a social worker. She did not help me at all. She talks to my mother all the time. She did not tell me what to do, how to proceed and acted as if I did not exist. I do not know who else to turn to, I am interested in what rights I have. Is there any accommodation for underage pregnant women or something similar?

Dear future mother, 

accommodation for underage pregnant women can be realized in the Maternity Home, within the Children’s Home Zagreb, in the Caritas House in Zagreb, a foster family or in another house in Croatia, but accommodation should be agreed in advance with the competent Social Welfare Centre, according to your place of residence. Since each situation is different, it should be resolved individually, so contact your Centre – the team for family and youth or call our counselling centre – Parents’ Association “Step by Step”, at 01 / 48-555-78 

Do not worry; we will solve everything gradually and together. 

Kind regards.