Continuation of education

If you are attending primary or secondary school and you find out you are pregnant, contact one of the professional associates at the school (psychologist, pedagogue) and talk about how to continue your education after being absent due to childbirth and recovery. It would be desirable for your parents, or at least one of them, to be present at this conversation. During this conversation, you should agree on all the details of continuing your education, so that you can return to your school routine, but also take full care of your child. You can return to school when you have fully recovered from childbirth and when you no longer need to rest.

If necessary, you will also be instructed to write a request to the Teachers or Class Council to finish the school year by taking subject or class exams. There is no single procedure that is applied when a student is pregnant at school, but it depends on the agreement with the school. Experience shows that in most cases, school tend to offer support and enable their students to continue their education. That is why it is very important that you talk to your class teacher as soon as possible, as well as professional associates. If you go to vocational school and have the obligation of attending practical education classes, this can be difficult or impossible due to pregnancy, childbirth, and later recovery. Talk to your class teacher about that problem as soon as possible so that you can find a solution together.

The Adult Education Act allows any person over the age of 15 to continue their education. Formal education refers to the acquisition of professional knowledge, skills, and abilities and includes: primary education of adults, secondary education (acquisition of secondary or vocational education, lower education, retraining, training and advanced training) and higher education. Such education is provided by some primary and secondary schools, public open universities, and higher education institutions. Inquire about such opportunities in the area where you live.