How to tell your parents about the pregnancy?

The moment of discovering a pregnancy you did not plan, want, or expect is certainly one of the hardest moments you can even imagine. It is possible that the whole situation seems difficult and hopeless to you now but try to stay calm. When it comes to underage pregnancy, one of the hardest things is telling your parents you are pregnant. You probably did not plan the pregnancy, and your parents almost certainly do not expect that either. Maybe they do not even know you have a boyfriend. Telling your parents that you are pregnant will probably be one of the hardest things you will have to do. You may feel scared, ashamed, nervous, feel that you have let them down and that they will never forgive you.

After learning of a pregnancy, parents are at first in disbelief, they are often worried, scared, and angry. Indeed, both communication and relationships within the family are likely to be disrupted in the first days after they find out, but in most cases, the situation calms down over time. Parents also need time to accept the new situation.

Here are a few practical advices for preparing yourself for talking to your parents:

Stay calm. 

Write down what you want to tell them. 

Make a plan about it. 

If you intend to continue the pregnancy, be determined about the future. Explain to your parents how you will finish school, take care of your child and that you expect their understanding, help, and support, which they have given you so far. 

Take a friend with you. 

Be the first to tell your parents, do not let them find out from someone else. 

If they go crazy when you tell them, get out, let them calm down and come back after a while. Then you will be able to continue the conversation more calmly.