I want to be registered as a father, but mother does not allow it!

Maja Sammsa

Maja Sammsa

law graduate

Good day!

I am 19 years old and I should be registered as the father of a child, the mother is 17 years old and does not want me to be registered as a father… What should I do?

Naturally, the child is mine, which has been proven by a DNA test.

A person who considers himself the father of a child can admit paternity before the registry office, social welfare centre or court. The consent of the child’s mother is required for the registration of paternity. 

If the mother does not consent to the registration of paternity, the father can prove his paternity in court. 

In order to be able to initiate court proceedings, it is necessary to give a statement of acknowledgment of paternity in the registry office, after which the registrar invites the mother to comment on the issue, if the mother refuses to give consent, the father receives the so-called rejection notice document and can then start court proceedings.