Pain during each intercourse

Nives Šikanić Dugić

Nives Šikanić Dugić

primarius, MD, spec. gynaecologist, MSc

Dear doctor, 

I had my first intercourse at the age of 16 and it was the first time for both me and my boyfriend. I was in pain, so we stopped and tried again in a week. That time we succeeded even though the pain was present, but since then every time the pain reappears. We “have” intercourse at least once a week and we do not use any protection even though we used it the first time. The gynaecologist advised us to use a lubricant during intercourse. Would that help? To note, foreplay lasts from 20 minutes to half an hour so that is not a problem.

Thank you very much! 

Sometimes it happens that pain during sexual intercourse is present even after a long time. One of the possible reasons is inflammation in the vagina, cervix, and as you mentioned that you were at the gynaecologist, a gynaecological examination, PAP test and possible swabs of the cervix were performed in order to rule out inflammation and prove the orderly structure of the genitals.

As you do not use any protection, the reason may be a subconscious fear of a possible pregnancy, thus, in order to remove this potential cause, start using safe protection measures. Lubricants can be used, but they are not contraceptives per se, so they do not protect against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.