Which decision to make

Dubravko Lepušić

Dubravko Lepušić

prof., PhD

Please help.

I am 17 years old and I got pregnant and now I do not know what to do. I am 8 weeks pregnant and I know I am too young to give birth and I have neither the strength nor the courage to have an abortion. If I do opt for abortion, what does it actually look like and what will a doctor do to me? Can I have an abortion without my mom finding out?

The decision on what to do with the pregnancy is made by you after talking to your boyfriend (but having in mind that your decision is important).

It is difficult to say whether you are too young or not to give birth, because only you know what kind of situation you are in, regarding your private life and school life. Here it is important to talk to a school doctor, gynaecologist, and psychologist with full confidence and with full discretion.

After the conversations and information you will receive from them, it will surely be easier for you to make the right decision.

As for pregnancy termination, i.e. the so-called abortion, every person over the age of 16 has the right to discretion and makes their own decision about it. Therefore, parental consent is not required. If full anaesthesia is given, then mom, dad or guardian will have to sign the anaesthesia sheet because you are a minor.

Abortion should not be a means of contraception and in that sense, when you solve your situation regardless of which decision you make in the end (childbirth or termination), be sure to contact our counselling centre and consult about contraception and protection against sexually transmitted diseases.